A Typical Day

Working closely with parents we provide daily updates about your child’s day in their take home daily diaries, including activities and general nursery information. Each child has a key worker who is assigned to support their development and act as the point of contact for the parent/carer. Every child has a learning journey/development file available, secure online access for parents/carers to electronic files via ORBIT, in addition to our childcare staff who are always on hand for drop off and pick up handovers to parents/carers. All the above combine to provide a holistic approach to our parental/carer partnership and communication.

We plan each day for every child through continual observations made by keyworkers and team members throughout the nursery. Whilst we plan adult led focused activities for the children dependent on age, ability, seasons, cultures and festivities, we endeavour to follow their interests and needs, stretch their abilities and challenge each child in order for them to grow and achieve. Respecting and listening to children’s opinions, interests and imaginations, excellent parental communication and partnerships enables us to provide child centered learning through fun and play.

Water is available/accessible all day, fresh milk/Soya milk is available for all children, teeth brushing and antibacterial hand washing is carried out throughout the day. We encourage children to be independent and self care as much as possible with hand and face cleansing. Toilet assistance and care is always provided.

Example Menu

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
Breakfast Selection of hot and cold cereals Selection of hot and cold cereals Selection of hot and cold cereals Selection of hot and cold cereals Selection of hot and cold cereals
Morning Snack Rice cakes topped With banana Croissants Wholemeal toast with a selection of spreads Crumpets Wholemeal toast with a selection of spreads
Lunch Spaghetti Bolognaise & Ciabatta

Fromage Frais

Mild Veg Curry & boiled rice/chapati

Chocolate Log

Jacket Potato, Tuna & Salad

Fresh Fruit cocktail

Toad in the hole & mixed veg

Madeira Cake

Chicken pitta, salad & couscous

Artic role

Afternoon Snack Sandwich Platter, Pepper Sticks/Dips

Selection of Fruit

Homemade Pizza/Salad

Selection of Fruit

Sandwich Platter, Celery Sticks

Selection of Fruit

Tomato/Veg Penne Pasta

Selection of Fruit

Sandwich Platter Carrot/Cucumber Sticks

Selection of Fruit